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The ability to hear and understand is a central part of our daily activities and our overall quality of life. Unfortunately, many people ignore their hearing loss until they can no longer communicate with their family and friends.

We all depend on hearing and the ability to communicate every day

Regardless of age, everyone depends on hearing and the ability to communicate every day. We communicate with our families, listen and watch our favorite television programs, talk on the phone, listen to music, carry on conversations in busy restaurants, visit with doctors and other healthcare professionals, and hear the daily sounds of our environments. No matter how mild our hearing loss, it interferes with our ability to fully appreciate experiences and sounds.

Don't delay taking action to hear better!

Unfortunately, most of us delay taking action to hear better. This delay has a negative impact on ourselves as well as on our family and friends. On average we wait more than 7 years to seek hearing healthcare help. We realize just what we’ve been missing once we learn about hearing and take positive action to do something about our hearing loss.

"Stay Connected" with your family

Please enter this website and educate yourself about hearing, hearing loss and the actions you can take to "stay connected" with your family, friends and environment. Dr. Gail Swanstrom is an experienced Audiologist who can inform and guide you to better hearing!

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